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09-02-2005, 11:42 AM

1) The ability to drag and drop layers within the layers pallet in order to rearrange them. The layers would keep their names as you drag them around.

2) The ability to copy and paste a layer into a blank layer and have it retain its name, both within an object and across two or more object files. Having to contently rename an object every time I move it to a new layer is annoying. I can understand it if you are adding the contents of one layer to another. You might not want the layers getting renamed. But if your just rearranging them, there has to be a better way than renaming every layer again.


3) The ability to import multiple layers into a scene at one time from the Import Object Layers command. Rather than there being a spot to type in a single layer number, Id like to have the ability to type in a specific string of layer numbers. For example "5-9", or "1,5,8,11,23,33".

Dustin Brown

09-28-2005, 06:45 AM
for layout better things is a free plugin called lol.p, that open a window where you can select layer by name, it work like "load obj layer" and "replace obj layer" but you can see name of layer and easy do you work.
check on flay at this address

09-29-2005, 12:46 PM
what i actually would like to have is a layer editor similar to photoshop one , to manage layers into a more intuitive way. is not only a matter of features. its also a matter of having an handy tool easy to the eye as well.

name layers, arrange them, organize them in groups, flatten them, chain them decide the look of the geometry visualization for them... such features would open entire new and handy ways to work with layers.

another featue i'd like are nombering and renaming multiple layers like when using tools like lupas rename and so on.

actually i'd like to see this feature for everything that could need numbering and renaming, whitin lw. bones, objects if u want, lights... :thumbsup: