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09-01-2005, 01:20 PM
A while back we discussed gathering some info for n00bs to start learning. In my opinion, books are a great place to start. So here are the books I have read/followed along with:

Everything about making 3D games A-Z :
:thumbsup:"3D Game Programming All In One": This book was great to get started with if you donít know anything about games. I hadn't done anything in 3D with games before I got this book and it answered a lot of my questions on how game engines work. It came with a content CD, which included slurry of Freeware/Shareware/Demos/Torque game engine so you could create mod's for Torque. The first 7 chapters were scripting and coding, which was rough. After that it became more interesting, creating sounds, models textures, and animations. It teaches you ALL the basics.

:thumbsup:"The Dark Side of Game Texturing": This book teaches Photoshop techniques. It assumes that you already know the toolset available, but includes a tutorial on the content CD if you donít already know. David Franson really does a great job teaching you how to make things appear to be 3D using Photoshop tools. Like the author says in the book - You donít have to be an artist. My opinion =:rock:

:thumbsup:"Texturing: Concepts and Techniques": This is one that is very broad, it is good for 3DS, Maya and Lightwave. It isnít specifically for games, however the information is very useful. It covers the basics of texturing, it even has some tutorials on unwrapping UV's.

:thumbsup:"3-D Human Modeling and Animation": Exactly what the title says, its great. This book is basically a tutorial that covers box modeling and spline modeling. Starting off with a few basic objects and characters, then going into a full bore tutorial on how to make a human in 3D. It is not aimed at games at all, but it will teach you a lot about MODELING. It isnít specific to any software either, so it teaches you technique that builds a good foundation for all modeling.

"Game Modeling Using Low Polygon Techniques": First off I want to say that I havenít finished this book yet. I got to chapter 5 where you begin modeling and found the line technique rather crude, and not very efficient. I jumped to each one of the tutorials and found that they all use line modeling. The tools available in Lightwave make creating models way easier and faster. I am sure there is some advantage to knowing the techniques taught in this book, so for now I have set this book aside and will hold my tong about it until I have finished it.

09-06-2005, 02:21 PM
"Game Modeling Using Low Polygon Techniques" Is really out-dated IMHO. I haven't tried the other ones yet. I don't think I will, but if I see them at barnes and nobel, I'll take a gander.

09-08-2005, 07:22 AM
I am glad you said that about "Game Modeling Using Low Polygon Techniques", because I thought I was just completely missing something.

I am in the middle of 'Mastering Unreal Technology' and I am STOKED on it, WAY STOKED.