View Full Version : OT final cut express hd trainingbooks/dvd's?

08-31-2005, 03:32 PM
just started to use final cut express hd on my mac mini and i'm finding both the online help system and the printed booklet rather lacking in clarity and depth...so?....does anyone have a good experience with a good book or dvd/video for learning final cut express hd?

i have already watched the digital film tree dvd trainging disc but this was/is for final cut express 1.0....not 'hd' which is version 3.0 i believe... :thumbsdow

i've got quite a bit of experience with adobe premiere 6.0 and would like to move over to final cut express hd now that i'm producing commercial dvd's for a company i'm working for currently as my mac mini is pretty cool so far!

cheers in advance!