View Full Version : Big Time Saver For Poser To Lightwave Endomorph Conv., Import Endomorphs Feature.

Knight Chat X
08-29-2005, 02:45 AM
I was going to make this plugin myself but am finding going back to C a bit too much involved at the moment, in VB.Net it'd take only a few minutes to a day or so to build this kinda functionality, not months, so here I give my idea.

Add a feature that automates the process of loading morph objects saved from Poser by loading these objects into Modeler Layers, then automatically create and convert/apply the endomorphs to the base mesh and automatically save the changes to the base mesh.

Simple, yet it would save several hours to several days or weeks worth of manual conversion labor and the overall conversion process would leave you to have a working base mesh to import into Layout within seconds, also it eliminates the problem caused by making mistakes and accidently selecting the wrong morph, even better, with this method you don't need to mess with manually selecting and clicking so many things or typing just to get a few hundred existing facial expressions applied to 1 object in a few seconds.

Oh yeah, and if you need names for the endomorphs just re-use the filenames, and walla!

The only labor task would involve clicking on Import Endomorphs, a dialogbox pops up to allow you to select the base mesh, then click OK.

I bet this would kickass.

Need more info. how this process could be carried out feel free to contact me via PM here.

08-30-2005, 07:16 AM
Improved Poser file support all round would be pretty good - I'd settle for picking up on the textures when importing a poser exported OBJ as a pretty basic (but very handy) step forward... (i.e. take a look at the MTL files...)