View Full Version : Rehide/ Reselect /Mirror selection.

08-28-2005, 09:42 PM
While doing some weightmapping I had the misforntune of discovering that my mirror weights plugin is not working in 8.3 Did a search on flay for one and this was the best and the one that actually worked. Well did...

Anyway I thought how nice it would be to have a way to mirror a selection on a symetrical model when performing actions on a model that require different map names but on the same but opposing geometry.

It would go like:

Select left

Select right

Select both

And it do exactly that. Select the opposit sides or make symetrical the selection.

Example of last would be you are zoomed in on a model and realize after making a very complex selection that you failed to turn symmetry mode on.

Click select both and then turn on symmetry mode. Saved!

The other two would allow you to swich the selection back and forth between sides.

Another irritating thing is reselection and unhide.

Reselection is possible with undo. But what about after you unhide a complex selection? There is no re-hide! Since there is no restore of selection either that can be a bad moment at times.

How many times have I hti that button only to realize I need to edit some more or just hit it by mistake.

Now obviously I could be far more logical and set up selection sets and so on And I do from time to time but it is not always practical to a fast work flow.

These simple things would make modeling just that much more intuitive and selection sets are great but as I said not intuitive or flexible with an ever- changing model as you are building/editing.

There might be some plugins I am not aware of or even some overlooked features. Either way these little things would be a nice addition.

And lastly we must have a way to mirror weights other than vertex paint which I cannot use as it deletes some of my maps when I load a model into it.

09-15-2005, 02:31 PM
I am all for these. Rehide could be done using selection groups, tho I'd prefer an easy function like rehide.. Reselect requires no description. We need it (tho all of us somehow and always gets used to these quirks).