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08-28-2005, 09:27 AM
This may have been addressed before, if so I apologize.

Like a lot of us I do animation, design, production art and editing all on one computer. I would like to upgrade my dual opteron system to x64 when LW 8.5 is realeased but am hestitant about drivers issues and software compatibility. I assume I won't see a boost in 32bit software performance.

Does anyone have x64 installed and have you run into problems with other applications and/or drivers (such as scanners). Is the improved Lightwave performance worth it to make a dedicated 3D machine and sacrifice versatility? It seems that only the elite animation shops will benefit from being 64.

08-28-2005, 10:33 AM
drivers are the issue - dpends how new your scanners and stuff are - the latest models tend to have 64bit drivers availble but the slightly older ones your screwed - both my printer and scanner wont work

lightwave 32 runs fine with the exception of fprime ( most annoying hope worley fixes soon )

looking forward to testing out the difference between lightwave 32/64 bit versions but hmmmmmmmm personally if i knew what i do now when i installed x64 i probally wouldn't bother for a while yet - at least until lightwave 64 is out

08-28-2005, 02:01 PM
I would have to agree with KillMe. There is no hurry to install X64. I can't use my printer, scanner, wireless card ( I had to buy a Belkin 54 G card with a broadcom chip ), or tablet ( tablet works only as a mouse, no pressure values are registered...it's a graphire, intous tablets work fine I hear ) with x64.

Lightwave seems to run fine, but not any better. I had to dig for the 64 bit dongle drivers for they are not officially released yet <shrug>. I am looking forward to the 8.5 release as well. Where is it? When it comes out it will help sooth some of the sting of being on the bleeding, bloody edge.

X64 seems very stable besides these short comings. I look forward to driver support so that I can fully utilize my system.

In conclusion, stick with XP Pro for now.


08-29-2005, 04:06 AM
I'd have to agree here.

Although 64bit is definintly the way everything is heading it doesn't have full support yet.

But it is not like laserdisc. It will become the standard. It offers too much potential (is there such a thing?) in way of memory usage and processing.

The only problem is that in its current form it is still at the drawing board.

Eventually they will have really nice motherboards that will have all the bells and whistles so that better hardware and software development will be rewarded with consumer demand.

Having 64bit will open up systems with like 12GB RAM and multiple Terabyte hardrives. To fully utilize this suff I'm sure there will have to be newer developments in the usual add ons....

Video cards
drawing tablets
network connections (huge upsize here to move data faster)

I think many companies are in the development process now but I honestly don't think we will see 64bit become as common as the 32bit stuff for a couple of years. We at the "pro"sumer level wil be a little better off around this xmas since many of the 64bit systems and software are slated for release by then.

Its almost here. Just not for a few months. IMHO.

08-29-2005, 06:05 AM
I am running WinXP x64 right now.

My only driver issue was my HP all in one. It is replaced now.

My only Gaming issue is GTR (technically Starforce 2 was not compatible, but starforce 3 copy protection is. Simbin simply can't be bothered with a patch thaat should only take a few minutes to create per Starforce). So I play other games now.

My only Lightwave issues were a)giving up my parallel dongle and b)Worley Plugins (which still do not work and have no ETA per my last communication with them).

My Webcam isn't working, but I do not miss it. My Digital camera and Camcorder are fine.

My drawing tablet works.

Windows x64 installed and recognized every single device on my motherboard without a driver disk.

Nvidia and ATI both have x64 drivers out for all their recent cards.

Farcry x64 > Farcry (regular)

Overall, I would say it depends on how much you need your Worley Plugins and whether or not you are attached to an HP (or Lexmark) printer. For the most part, the other stuff is ok.

You can download a 120 day trial and install it on a dedicated partition if you want to try it out. I heartily advise this if you are unsure. Also, go looking for all the drivers you know you will need before the swap (or have an extra system to fetch them in case something goes wrong and you can't get online).