View Full Version : Selling VT2 for $1200 US

08-27-2005, 08:35 PM
If anyone wants to buy a VideoToaster2 for $1200
Email Gary at [email protected]
Call Gary @ 208-941-2937
This package

*Video Toaster User Manual

*Aura2 User Manual

*Aura Reference Guide

*Speed Razor SE User's Guide

*Lightwave 3D User Manual

*Lightwave VT User Manual

*Video Toaster 2 User Manual

*Aura 2.5 User Manual

*Lightwave VT Reference Manual

*Video Toaster 1.0 Disks 1 - 4

*Video Toaster 2 Disks 1 - 5

*Video Toaster Computer Card

*Class on Demand Video Toaster 2 LW Express Tutorial VHS

All materials are in good condition
and pc card has been used very little

If you have any questions just Email or Call me.