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08-27-2005, 08:24 PM
Hi all,
This is the result of a few hours I've had total over the past few weeks to sorta tinker with a model. Any crits welcome, but I don't have an abundance of time to fine tune it, and it'll most likely stay like this.
Thanks for looking, and for any posts!

08-28-2005, 03:13 AM
The overall shape looks the part, although its a bit up close to tell, and my less than photographic memory is not 100% on the lightning.

A couple of fairly easy things that would make the look more convincing are:-

The main fuselage is round. The real thing has a very deep thin teardrop shaped fuselage when viewed from the front.

Round off the leading edges of the fins, and make them taper in when viewed from the front, or at least a little thinner. At the moment they are square.

Beef up the canopy framing a little, and make the windshield rounded at the top (a flat plane intersects a curved shape).

The props are spatulas at the moment. (you could pinch the ones from the p-51 in your content folder). Make the spinners more pointed.

I would also separate the spinner from the cowling by 3 or 4 mm to create a gap.

The supercharges could be a bit larger and moved rearwards so the round portion sits level with the wing trailing edge.

Apart from the canopy, this is all pretty trivial stiff & wouldn't take too long.