View Full Version : File not loading...

Knight Chat X
08-27-2005, 07:31 PM
Ok, trying to get a simple file loaded and no errors are produced, after the command is executed in Lightwave nothing happens:

LWModCommand *local = static_cast<LWModCommand *>(l);
char cmd[ 128 ];
sprintf( cmd, "LOAD <%s>", "C:\box.lwo");
local->evaluate( local->data, cmd );

It says in the documentation that evaluate is converted to lookup/execute, I tried that too doesn't work.

I really hope NewTek upgrades their SDK someday so it supports the newer programming standards, it would make plugin design much easier and would open up development for more sophisticated tools, it's been so long since I've programmed in C or assembly it's a pain to revert backward from what I'm used to working with now.