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08-25-2005, 04:28 PM
We just got a greenlight on a new project so I'm looking for local users. We can pay decent but we can't pay to relocate so we're looking for people centered in Phoenix. We're doing a series of half hour kids spots and have six to seven months of work out of the gate and the potential of long term after that.

I'm after Lightwave people with at least three years experience. Production experience is a major plus but we'll consider based on reel. It's character animation so character animation and lighting are critical but modeling and rigging are a major plus. Also particles, physics and scripting are pluses. Photoshop should be a given. ZBrush is a help but we may not be using it on our current project due to Lightwave limitations. Worley Labs is a help. Mostly G2 and some Sasquatch. FPrime will be on all systems but isn't really an experience issue, mostly a lighting and texture aid.

Any other software experience is a plus but you must be proficent in Lightwave. We simply don't have the time and money to train on this one. The schedule is brisk but not backbreaking. I need people that are comfortable handling 12 seconds+ a day. It's TVesk work so we can't devote multiple days to a single shot unless it's very long and very complicated.

I'm hesitant to encourage out of town quieries. Even if you are willing to move there's always a chance it won't workout so I'd like to avoid the problem unless we can't find enough locals. Just safer for everyone.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing form local users.

Please just respond to the posting or private message or use the e-mail link. Too much spam if you post e-mail addresses

08-26-2005, 01:23 AM
Sounds interesting!

- Ben

08-27-2005, 09:28 PM
Have you been getting any inquiries?

I was wondering some information, such as, when the project is starting? Yesterday? :D

Also was wondering, for my own research, what hours you expect and what kind of salary is involved? You don't have to answer that last part over the net if you don't want to but we could corespond in other ways - as you suggest.

But I am also interested to know if you would consider freelance artists or long distance work situations.

And lasty, do you have a website for your production company so the folks here can see what kind of work yout do?