View Full Version : Vue 5 Registration & NewTek

Signal to Noise
08-25-2005, 12:30 PM
I just had a thought occur to me (very rare these days!)...

Most of us who opted for the Vue 5 Infinite bundle offer know how flaky & confusing/frustrating the registration process was on e-on's site. Perhaps there is a way NewTek could keep our serial numbers for all LW-related product offers on our NewTek registration accounts? For example, I have numbers recorded by NewTek for UVEdit Pro in addition to LW. Could we not have our Vue number recorded there as well?

Also, the Vue 5 CD case has a LW [9] serial number which is used to get the real Vue serial #. Should this number be included in our NewTek account details as well? Or will there be a different number when [9] finally ships?