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08-24-2005, 07:16 AM
Well, with the price of gas and home heating oil, my plans to upgrade my system have taken a back seat to continuing to drive and keeping warm. I want to install VT4.5 but have tried it with my current system and had some issues. Right now I am running a SuperMicro Mobo PCAD6+ (I beleive) with dual 1.8 Zeons, 1GB RAM and a video card with a paltry 32mb. Currently I am using VT3 and getting by but I feel like I am getting left behind.

My plan is to upgrade to 2.4 Zeons (as far as the mobo will go) and put in a
128mb video card.

Does anyone have any comments on this plan? I am a very busy event videographer and don't want any major downtime due to computer problems caused by an upgrade gone bad.

In a perfect world and unlimited funds I would build a new system but that is just not realistic. Any feedback would be appreciated either here or at my e-mail address. Thanks in advance.


08-24-2005, 07:41 AM
My plan is to upgrade to 2.4 Zeons (as far as the mobo will go) and put in a
128mb video card.

I have similar SM motherboard and same procs. I can only max out at 2.4.
Going from 2 1.8's to 2 2.4's we would def. give us snappier response and added punch.

The problem right now is finding 2.4's. We only need 400fsb, most are 533's although they will work, just be neutered to 400mhz. I have seen 2.4's here and there new OEM for around 150-160 each, but they do sell quite a few on ebay. A lot of times, a matched pair also, and they have been ranging from 200-300 a pair. Just be cautious and buy from someone who will at LEAST offer a no DOA warranty.

I say YES, hunt for and find 2.4 procs. (Ill race you to them.. ;) You will see and feel a difference.
and YES update the video card. I just got a really nice AGP 6600 for 160 bucks.

Your system will seem like new for around 500 bucks.

Good Luck

08-24-2005, 08:18 AM
If the 533's can be used I will grab a pair. Would it be a difficult retrofit?? What needs to be done to run the 533's at 400 or does that automatically happen? Video cards are easy to find and I have a tech who can do the mod, I just need the parts.

Do you think this will support T4.5?? I am currently running Win 2000 SP4, was thinking baout adding Win XP but not sure, at this point I would just like to get T4.5 running and move up from t3

08-24-2005, 08:21 AM
Reply to: RayLarson

I just recently upgraded from a T2 System to a System
capable of handling T4, Dual 2.8 Xeons w/ a 800 MHZ FSB
and 2 Gig of Memory. (havent got the T4 Software Yet,
but the machine flys). I spent alot of time finding best prices on
hardware and for under 1000. you can get yourself a new MB,
2 (2.8) Xeons and 2 gigs of memory and a new 256meg Video card.

Here's some current prices:
Asus NCCH = 225. (shipped)
2.8 800mz FSB Xeon 239. ea. (Boxed)
2 Gigs Samsung DDR400 w/ Heatsinks = 178. (Shipped)
Nvida Geforce 6600 w/256 megs = 136.

This way you would have a MB capable of being
upgraded even more, plus the 800 mhz FSB makes
a difference and the memory have more bandwidth.

..just my opnion, plus find the the 2.4 wont be easy,
wait a little longer and buy it in steps if need be.

good luck, and if you want URL's, feel free to email me
keep 'em toastin'

Scott Bates
08-24-2005, 11:34 AM
I'll concur with Jim. I have the same SuperMicro motherboard, originally with dual 1.7 processors and then upgraded to 2.4's early last year, makes a real difference. I also upgraded my video card to a GForce FX5700 with 256MB ram. You'd need to check, but I think NewTek is recommending 5700 minimum on the video card. If you can afford it, go for as much ram on the video card as you can. I'm running XPPro with 2GB ram and 4.5 is working great.

Paul Lara
08-24-2005, 01:27 PM
go for as much ram on the video card as you can.

Actually, there's not much noticeable benefit beyond 128MB of video RAM, Scott.

Scott Bates
08-24-2005, 06:06 PM
OK, anyone want to buy the extra 128MB I've got on my card? Hey Paul, which end should I cut off? :)

Jim Capillo
08-24-2005, 07:24 PM
........ which end should I cut off? :)

To be safe, I'd cut off the other end ! ;) :p