View Full Version : VT 4.5 Installed and Working Great!

08-21-2005, 09:35 AM
I just installed VT 4.5 on my system yesterday and we used for the first time live this morning. It worked flawlessly! No CG lockups (which we had frequently before). Color and picture all seem to be sharper. It looks great!

We don't use more than 5% of the functionality in this system (right now at least), but if the few things we do use for our live church recordings and broadcast are any indication, the rest is going to work great!

Thanks NewTek for putting out such a great system. We made the move to VT in June and have been blown away with the capabilities. It's very easy to learn and use (especially for the all volunteer force we have, mostly 8th graders through 11th graders).

We definatley made the right decision to spend the money.