View Full Version : Cape Problem In 7.5 Motion Designer

08-20-2005, 03:39 PM

I am trying to make a cape in motion designer for a superman model. I designed the cape to have some level of thickness to it. So rather than making it with just double sided polys, I made it with an outward side, an edge and an inward side.

My problem is when I run it, the inward side and the outward side pass through eachother. Since I have self shadow on this causes some nasty render problems. I tried using self collision, with a skin thickness of .01, but then the points seem to jump around very violently; making the cape look more like a sharp pointy crumpled up piece of paper.
Has anyone figured out how to make the cape idea work.


P.S. the general motion of the cape looks great (except the sides going through eachother)

08-20-2005, 03:56 PM
Don't do the simulation on that object, use a thin object. What you can then do is save the motion (in the motion designer panel) as a .mdd file. What you do next is load in your thick cape, and apply MDmetaplug to it (in the Displacement plugins list) and point it to the cape file (for the cage object), and the .mdd file. This will apply the motion of the thin cape to the thick cape. You could keep both objects in the scene and just make the thin cape unseen by camera/rays etc and hide the thick object in the view and then wheneve you need to simulate again, just run it on the thin cape, save the file and it'll be applied to the thick cape.