View Full Version : REQ: short videos, just an idee

08-20-2005, 10:21 AM
please, if it is possible, creat some short videos with the new features showing how they work. I know LW9 is maybe 6 month forward but, please creat short clips showing the new features, it will be very helpful for us to see the changes before, like where are the new tool located, how they work, basic stuff, not advance tutorials. Also with new way of shading, many of us don't know how to work with this system, so, some basic explanation will be very welcome before trying the product. I have some Lw8 videos and they were very helpful, mostly done by Proton, he is not doing any anymore, got another job now, so maybe someone else can do it, a good beta tester or so.

i'm not asking for some new tehnology you are developing, just how things were improved and how they work, like an online presentation of the tools.
i think many will be happy to know what to expect and how they work, also you may get some good ideeas from people. U already announce what's in the software so there is no big secret anymore with the basic tools, and these videos will be very helful for us.

thanx a lot