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04-30-2003, 05:14 PM
Lightwave menus on OS X become obscured by the Dock, making them partially unreadable.

It could be an OS issue, though other applications don't do it. It seems that Lightwave needs a bit of "Aquafication".

04-30-2003, 07:01 PM
you can hide the dock by pressing option+command+d . you can also go to the system prefs, dock and check automatically hide and show dock. this will make it so the dock will only pop up when you move the cursor over the edge of the screen where the dock is. you could also place your dock on the left of right side of the screen.

05-01-2003, 03:39 PM
Hi hcoat... yeah, hiding the dock is an option.

I think it's sloppy coding.

Right now, I'm using the OmniWeb web browser. Down the bottom of this forum page is a drop-down menu titled 'Forum Jump'. Go have a look. OmniWeb renders it with a nice glass Mac look.

Now if you pull down that menu to select something, OmniWeb browser makes sure that it doesn't stretch underneath the Dock.

OmniWeb is an OS X native 'Cocoa' application. So I tried this again and loaded the page up on Microsoft's Internet Exploiter browser, which is a 'Carbon' application (like Lightwave).

Internet Exploiter renders the pull-down menu in an ugly gray color, however it still doesn't stretch underneath the Dock.

So it doesn't matter whether the application was written in Carbon or Cocoa code.

I'd like to see Lightwave utilize the Mac 'Aqua' interface more, and look and behave more Mac-like. I don't think it would confuse cross-platform users if the Mac version of Lightwave had pretty glass buttons. It would confuse everyone much less if the menus didn't stretch beneath the Dock!

The image below shows OmniWeb menus behaving correctly...

Darth Mole
05-01-2003, 03:59 PM
While I believe NewTek or Luxology or whoever the hell it is that codes LW these days has better things to do than make sure menus aren't obscured by the dock (which I always use hidden so it's never a problem), I would like to see a proper Aquafied version of Mac LightWave.

Or - like Cinema 4D - have the option of choosing skins so that it can either look like a Mac application, or one that looks cra? er, sorry, like PC application.

Let's hope v8.0 has some nice GUI improvements...