View Full Version : Weird Batch Capture Problem

08-16-2005, 05:55 PM
I'm having a problem with an old batch capture file I created in Sep 2003 when I was using VT3 with Update 1. Don't remember what the build number was. I batch captured flawlessly from four tapes... each tape had it's own batch capture file. At the time I was able to save the batch files each day and load them back the next day with all time code entries intact. The project was edited without any problems. I backed up all the project files including the batch capture files to a CD. Now my client wants to update his video and when I went to load the old batch capture files back into VT3 (I'm now using Update 3/build 4909), all of the in points on all clips in all batch files show up as 00:00:00.01. The durations are accurate but the out point values match the duration values. I then went to load the VT-Edit project and when you drag the in point of any clip to the start of the clip, it shows a local starting time code of 00:00:00.01.

It looks as though my newer version of VT3 is not recognizing the batch file info (and perhaps even the VT-Edit time code info) that was created on an earlier version (Update 1).

Curiously, old batch capture files saved in December 2003 using VT3 Update 2 are coming off my CD onto my computer with all original TC info intact.

Has anyone else noticed this problem?

Greg Gerlach
Lexington, KY