View Full Version : Better item list & more flexible layers

Zafar Iqbal
08-15-2005, 02:36 PM

Item list:
I find the current way off selecting items through the item list (the one in Layout that says "Current Item") to be trivial when you have lots of items in the scene.

Having to navigate to the Scene Editor isn't that good an option - first of all it's not very practical to have open all the time, unless you're on a dual monitor system.

And secondly, it just not practical to use for selecting purpose.

I suggest integrating the expandable tree view/list directly in the "Current item" popup panel.

Instead of moving the mouse to scroll, there should be a scroller - vertical aswell as horizontal. It should also have a scale/strech handle to fit the size of the panel to fit the individual users needs.

Basic feature such as enable/disable item, view mode etc could also be placed here in the same way as in the Scene Editor.

And oh - you should also be able to re-order the items freely.
This might sound lame, but i just hate having Obj1: Layer 1, Obj1: Layer 2 followed by 100 unrealted things and then Obj1: Layer 3 :P No seriously, sometimes i do forget how things were listed in LW, so i have to scan (use time) to find what im looking for).

Flexible Layers:
Like the previous request, this isn't original aswell :)

Basicly i would like to see the complete (more or less) Photoshop CS way of layering in Modeler.

Features like delete, insert, duplicate etc. should all be available.
You should be able to organize your model into groups aswell as setup hierarchy (yeah, we can do that already :) )

Hiding a group should hide everything within that group - moving it, should move everything withing etc.

Groups should show up as either null's or group names (in Layout) selectable only in the items list wherever it shows up (Current item, Scene Editor etc.).

I've been waiting for this for years now, and since the technology allows us to create and work with more and more complex jobs, I find that it's about time to simplify some of the very basic things in LW.

It also just feels nice when things are organized - just like a clean desk :)