View Full Version : Winterfest 2005 Animation/Promo

08-12-2005, 12:14 PM
I am very pleased to announce the completion of this year's winterfest promo.

This 7 minute promo contains cell shaded LW animation along with some AE work as well as Photoshop and some Particle Illusion. I handled all of the artwork and 3D animation and some of the 2D animated spots. Tim Kwiat (http://www.timkwiat.com) handled the editing and a lot of the 2D/compositing work. It took us around a month and a half to make. The snowman and "snobot" models were carried over from last year's video (available on my website (http://dwburman.com) ) but I modeled all the sets, vehicles and the deconstructed parts of the snobot this year. The sound effects were done by a couple of other guys.

Quicktime .mp4 H.264 (18.7MB) (http://dwburman.com/WF-2005_prt-1_h264.mp4)
Windows Media (11.2MB) (http://dwburman.com/WF-2005_prt-1.wmv)

The H.264 version looks very good. It's a bit soft but has few artifacts. What a cool codec. At least some of Apple's hype is justified. hahaha.

Now I guess we need to start on the second part of the video.