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08-12-2005, 12:04 PM
I have a series of objects with endomorphs.
Each object can be brought into layout alone and they operate fine with morph mixer.

I can load several of the objects into layout. I can apply Morph mixer to one model, but as soon as i try to add the plugin to the second object the scene crashes. .

I thoguht it might be the objects or their complexity, but I made a series of simple objects with endomorphs and those will crash Layout in the same way once I try to apply MorphMixer.

It doesn't seem to be a naming convention issue. In my simple test models each model only had a single endomorph.

Any thoughts?

I'm running 7.5d on a dual1Gig Mac, OsX 10.4.2 tiger

08-12-2005, 12:48 PM
I used to get this a lot..
it sounds like your model is corrupt. I don't know what causes it, but I suspect it to be point order in one of your morphs.
If you save a version of your object, and try deleting morphs one by one and testing it each time in morph-mixer, you may find the culprit.
It will mean that you will have to remove the offending morph from your actual model and re-make it. but it should fix it.
Just another thing.. The LW8 updated morph-mixer seems to be a lot more forgiving when it comes to this sort of thing.
I hope you manage to sort it out. good luck

08-12-2005, 01:05 PM
Thanks for the feedback!

Using my really simple models I found something which is probably of interest.

My test models were simple subpatch objects. Individually they all worked fine in layout...until I tried adding MorphMixer. I opened them all again in Modeller and toggled them back to regular poly models. I could then import all the models, add morph mixer to all of them and animate the endomorphs.

It gets interesting here. I was able to reopen the models through the hub and toggle them back to subpatch objects and they work fine in layout now!?!? even saving and reopening the scene the work fine. Not sure exaclty why...Go figure.Somehow the subpatching is part of the problem.

I'm not 100 what this means for the actual objects that are causing this problem (not the simple test ones I'm using the chase down the problem). those are a series of 4 humans that I've modelled. they rely on subpatches.

i appreaciate the help