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08-12-2005, 10:53 AM
I have a 270 frame sky animation in which I have some low altitude clouds without volumetric rendering moving across it.
Everything looks fine except that it flickers wildly.
Here are my settings:

Dissolve is at 40% Planet Radius is at 6.3Mm

Under the Atmoshpere Tab: Quality> High
Thickness> 96km
Luminosity> 200%
Opacity> 70%
Falloff> 123%
Under the Haze Tab: Quality> High
Thickness> 3.21m
Luminosity> 0%
Opacity> 50%
Falloff> 100%
Under the Clouds Tab: Low Altitude (currently no high altitude)
Altitude> 1.45km
Density> 58%
Luminosity> 96.5%
Opacity> 45%
Contrast> 301%
No volumetric rendering
In the Texture Editor Layer type> Procedural
Blending Mode> Normal
Procedural Type> Ridge Multi-fractal
Texture Value> 86%
Increment> .521
Lacunarity> 2.68
Octaves> 3.2
Offset> 0.895
Threshold> 1.33
Noise Type> Perlin Noise
Scale: X=1.125m Y=1m Z=1.265m
Position: X= frame 1=0m frame 270 -10m
Y= 0
Z= 0
Rotation H=0
P= -45 degrees
B= 0

Now, I have deleted another layer of clouds after I saw the flickering and it is my theory that this MAY have been the problem.
The other layer was also moving alot and rotating alot.
Anyway, what do you all think???

Thanks for any help on this.


08-12-2005, 12:22 PM
I get flickering textures in my animations a lot. Newtek says the reason is because I am using um (nanometers) which lw is unable to calculate properly. Basically this is a bug that has been carried over from previous versions that is ignored because who would do 3D work to scale... oh wait that sounds like a good idea.

Beware of procedural textures that are very small. My instinct tell me to also beware of textures that are extra large or supersized. But I could be wrong.

Check texture size and definately limit the amount of rotation or movement. A feature request would include a more robust procedural system that is not hindered by these flickering patterns and size limitations. It makes no sense why the size would even matter, considering it is virtual space and basically 00001110101010101....

Perhaps... Turn up antialiasing, use PLD with a reconstruction filter.
Turn on motion blur.

Hope that helps until somebody gives you a definate answer.