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04-30-2003, 08:20 AM
the macintosh version of the hub is unreliable and poorly implemented.

I would like it if Newtek designed a new version of the hub specifically for mac os x, leveraging the unique features of Mac os X instead of working Against them.

the hub has trouble launching LW and modeller, it has difficulty maintaining a link to the running applications, and it has trouble keeping track of file changes. Here are some ideas:

Applescript studio can be used to rapidly develop applications, it is very good at easily enabling the developer to work with files, and control applications. The downside is that both LW and modeller, would need Applescript support in addition to the standard suite, the up-side is that they would imediately become the most powerfully enabled scriptable 3-d apps availible. this opens up a realm of possibilities, such as insane levels of rendering controller flexibility, or auto-3-d logo generation from a script, or even live tutorials that actually show you what to do.

the command line can be used to launch applications, move files, and open files. you dont even need to create a UI.

modeller and LW both could easily do the job that the Hub has been given (without the hub at all), and they could do it more efficiently if they were communicating with a Mac os X native interapplication communication protocol. There are a Lot Of Them.

integrate Layout and Modeller. whatever the argument, the hub becomes obsolete if Layout and Modeller are integrated. I know i know, hw can you integrate so that everyone is happy with the UI? simple. separate windows for Layouts, and models. Visually they remain the same as they always were, 2 windows. But now there is no hub, and there is no problem keeping track of changes, to the stuff you are working on. And if someone at newtek figures out how to control a render without taking over the whole application, then all the better!