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08-11-2005, 02:29 PM

You can change fonts & characteristics for overlay/lower thirds graphics. For instance we wanted a red color font with a drop shadow for our custom lower third. That does not currently exist in the TriCaster offerings which can be found here: C:/Tricaster/Skins/BlackBoxDesktop/Live_Tab/SetupTabs/Overlay_Tab/MainArea/FontStyles
Do yourself a faver and create a shortcut to this folder... In this folder you will find a list of all fonts and styles avaiable to you.

If you need something other than these offerings you can create your own including a font, provided it exists in your Windows Font directory.

It is really quite simple (and a pain too!). All you have to do is open an existing file, then save as yourName ***TIP*** > By default windows will try to save as a .txt file, do NOT choose that option, switch it to "all files" and save that way. It won't work otherwise...

Once you have done that, it is pretty easy to figure out what options you can change: you can replace the font, add a drop shadow by replacing none to Drop under shadow type, bolding and so forth. Save it again (yes, as "all files")

Then in your custom folder (another tutorial) you can add your new custom font/style/color on to existing or new graphics.

Good luck!

PS I am still trying to edit w/Tricaster avi in Vegas Video. I have installed the codec, it runs in Windows Media -- not Vegas. Anyone able to edit in any 3rd party program?