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04-30-2003, 08:16 AM
Anybody have good tutorials on setting up samba?!?? I just put Mandrake 9 on a computer that has dual boot with xp and windows 98. I have xp home on the same network, and that is running LW. Anybody know how to set up samba? I can read the apache server's main page from the xp home site when Linux is up and going, but can't seem to get any file sharing going on either way.... I've ran through one or two tutorials but no luck so far... the xp on both computers seems to work well... 98 and xp don't seem to talk too well though.... any advice?

04-30-2003, 11:44 PM
Most linux distributions comes with a configuration front end for samba. Either the distribution will provide its own front end, or it will provide swat (IIRC, Samba Web Administration Tool) - you'll need to check the specifics for your distribution. To use swat, I think you need to browse to a specific port on your machine - from memory it's something like 901, but it's been a while. You'll get a login box and will need to log in as root.

If you prefer to adjust things manually, you should find the configuration file exists as /etc/samba/smb.conf and this is usually well commented with examples for you to work on (assuming you cannot locate a GUI tool for configuring all of it).

Remember that you will probably need to add users to samba using smbpasswd -a <username>

In any case, check google - there are a fair number of tutorials out there that will help you.

As for setting up shares on XP, I've tended to find the default configuration of simple sharing is unreliable both in terms of the hand-holding of the operating system and also in trying to sensibly configure the shares on the system. The easier way has generally been to switch this off (under tools/folder options) and then set up a new share by right clicking the relevant location on your machine. You'll need to then choose how to set this up - if your machine is connected to the web, the default 'all users' configuration is probably unsafe (unless you plan to leave it a read-only share) so there are other options such as 'authenticated users'. I'm not experienced with 9x, but do remember having issues with getting those operating systems to talk to NT-based machines. XP's in-built help does a reasonable job of helping you, so don't forget to check it out in case of problems/confusion.

From memory, 98 or XP may need adjusting as the login information is expected to be encrypted (by XP) and 98 may still be using the older plain text method. You'll need to check google for the relevant information. The encryption option is available in samba - the default is to have it enabled, but again you'll need to check this all out (in case I'm wrong).