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08-10-2005, 08:19 AM
I am seriously considering purchasing G2 (two licenses) at this current sale price, and eventually getting two licenses of FPrime and Sasquatch, but I have a few questions for some of you who have experience with the plug-ins from Worley.

First, I hear that the serial number is tied to your dongle. As you know, Newtek allows you to use your dongle for either Mac or PC: so, does that mean that I can use my Worley plug-ins on Mac or PC with a single license, or does the Worley serial number tie itself to a specifically Mac or PC dongle ID (since there are differences)?

I currently have multiple licenses of Lightwave, and sometimes I switch among them, from Mac to PC, depending on my location. I don't want to have to buy twice as many Worley plug-ins as I have Lightwave licenses, if at all avoidable.

Second, has anyone ordered the new G2 at the sale price? All of Worley's website (except for the very front page) still has the $499 price, even on the page right before you submit your credit card information -- how do I get this sale price? Am I missing something?

I would appreciate any help on this...



08-10-2005, 08:45 AM
All of Worley's plugs are tied to the dongle. I'd give them a call/send them an email and tell them you're story and see if they'll give you some kind of break on mutli-licenses.

I've used G2 for years, and absolutely love it. Now that it works with Fprime, that's even more outstanding!


08-10-2005, 09:09 AM
Thanks... I also just got through visiting Worley's website and now the price change has been reflected. I am kind of disappointed that it ends tomorrow, since it only started yesterday afternoon... I get paid Friday, and was going to stock up on Worley plug-ins... I think it's kind of stupid to start and end a sale mid-week -- a lot of us get paid on Friday... Anyway, that sucks...

I did find this on their website, which answers my licensing question:

"Licensing and Dongle Issues

Your Worley plugin is tied to your specific LightWave dongle via a license code based on that dongle's internal number. The plugin license is locked to that specific dongle and cannot be moved or transfered to another. (We can't "undo" a license to your dongle.) If you have more than one dongle, make sure you chose which dongle to license carefully! This is especially true if you're using a personal dongle at work, or sending a dongle in to an exchange offer (like XSI).

It's fine to have your Worley software installed on multiple computers at once. This is convienient since you just need to move the dongle from one to the other to work on the different machines. This is common when you're using a personal license of LightWave (and Worley plugins) at home but want to bring them into work too. You can even use both a PC and a Mac with your single dongle (a special Newtek "duo" dongle).

Worley plugins can be transferred and sold but this may be tricky to do. The most common case is when selling your LightWave itself along with the Worley plugins simultaneously. This is no problem. Selling just the plugin is more awkward! In many cases the buyer and seller can simply swap dongles. What we cannot do is generate a second license for the same plugin for a second new dongle. Beware of online software and auction sites selling software for too-good-to-be-true prices. If you question the legitimacy of a sale, contact us and we'll be happy to verify if the seller is legitimate or fraudulent.

If your dongle malfunctions or is replaced (for example changing from a parallel port dongle to a USB type) we will issue a new replacement code after verifying the exchange with Newtek/Newtek Europe/DStorm."

08-10-2005, 11:57 AM
Truly, you should call them.
They aren't WalMart -- they have caring people working there that aren't paid like slaves. ;)

I bet they would take your money on Friday. :D