View Full Version : problems with object placement and pivot point

04-30-2003, 02:50 AM
hi people,

got a big problem with object placement and pivot point. i'm working on sets for an adventure and we are creating the objects for the sets at the position where they should appear later. last year we did the same, placing the object in modeler, moving pivot point to the middle of the object and done. but now, not sure if it is since 7.5b, the objects are placed at 0,0,0. like the position of the object is the result of the position in modeler substracted with the pivot point position. so i have to place the object by myself. that's not really a problem but anoying. next, and bigger, problem appears if i parent objects together, the object jumps away, pivot point on completly different position. if i kick all objects from the scene and load them again, everything is fine. but that's not a solution, because this isn't really what i call workflow (there are more than 2 objects in our scenes)
anyone else with this problem? maybe i misunderstood something or so.
daniel - da_duke