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08-09-2005, 02:18 PM
Seems like ATI is repackaging some older graphics cards with more memory.. and with a dual ability to run on a mac or PC.. Realy smart...

ATI 256MB 9600 Pro Mac/PC Model (dual ROM Mac/PC support) - A reader recently sent a link to a buy.com page that listed (not in stock) a Mac and PC (one model/product number) 9600 Pro 256MB AGP graphics card for just under $200. My first reaction was that it was a typo, since in the past Mac models have a different product/model number/packaging etc. and mistakes like that have happened in the past at some vendors. As of this morning there was no info at ATI's site yet on a Mac 256MB/9600 model (only the original G5 OEM 9600/64MB model).
So I wrote a contact at ATI to ask about this and he replied it is a new model that has Mac and PC support. (I hope this is a trend for the future.)

"That's not a typo.
That's our brand new mainstream product. PC & Mac compatible. With support for Apple's 30" display on both PC and Mac. Ships with Mac and Windows software in the box and should support Linux with driver download.
It has a special ROM structure and the ability to dual-boot designed into it. "

I asked if it was shipping soon and when ATI's Mac products page or Press releases page would be updated to include the new model:

"It's gone out to production and boxes should be in the process of being packed. It's been announced to the channel in preparation for a public announcement. Stores aren't supposed to be listing it yet in any publications though. Web content has been prepared for it and will be live when it's officially announced.
It's AGP 4x and for Windows I believe requires a minimum of Windows 2K (XP SP2 recommended). For the Mac I think we're supporting 10.3.x minimum (Tiger recommended)..."

I think this is great because the specs of Motion ask for a 256mb card for performance. G4's have only had 128 MB option in GFX cards.

08-09-2005, 06:57 PM
How much better are the PCI express cards that fit PC's than the AGP offerings we have for the G5's? I was looking at a getting a G5 2.3 with the Ati X850 XT.....
...and what about Newtek pushing some Mac optimized code for the next release of LW - should I wait a while?

Jat 8~