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08-08-2005, 01:46 PM
hey guys, i'm doing an animation that consists of a bunch of centipede-esque segments snaking around and i had some questions about dealing with paths. first one is pretty simple and not so important: is it possible to reverse the direction of the path without having to go and re-select all the points in order?

other more important question: is there a way to control the rotation of the objects along the tangent to the curve? in other words, i need to specify which side of the snakething segments faces the camera, as opposed to the rotation automatically generated by the CurveConstraint plugin i'm using

also purely out of curiosity, how much can you control the speed of the objects across the path?


08-08-2005, 05:10 PM
There was a recent thread on this:


Not sure what you mean by reversing the direction of the path. Do you mean for animation along the path?

Anyway I have just remembered a tool I was looking for in layout from that last thread which should give you some interesting things. That is serpent. when I have a moment I'll mess with it. You can check it out. It should allow you to save transfromed an object deformed along a path and since it is a motion path you would be able to control the bank which I think you would be looking for. There is also Curve Conform in the same place: Object properties deform tab/ Add displacement.

Here's a pic from what I did related toi the other thread.