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08-08-2005, 10:55 AM

Best Course
"The Invisible Actor", Ewan Johnson, DreamWorks Animation
Recommend the book: "The Visual Story" by Bruce Block

Most Confusing
"The Web as a Procedural Sketchbook", Ken Perlin, New York University
Though I didn't understand half of what this man said, you've got to check out his website at http://mrl.nyu.edu/~perlin/.

SIGGRAPH Key Note Speech: George Lucas
The only thing I learned here is the George Lucas is a non-computer guy. He cares only about the end visual result ... not how it was technically done. He freely admits that's why he pays people allot of money to come up with visual solutions that have not been previously achieved.

SIGGRAPH Exhibition Floor

Sega Animanium Demo by Kaz Fuseya, http://www.animanium.com/
I was so impressed by this character animation tool that I bought the base version for a mere $80! If you are not getting the results you are looking for with ACS4 or T4D character plugins for Lightwave, I would seriously consider this tool. I would like to host a demo of this tool at the MCCDC studio in the near future. Let me know if you are interested and we can set up a date with lunch to follow.

Lightwave Booth

Lightwave 9 Demo by Andy Bishop (he did a great job!)

I. Real-time vertex paint for surfaces and weight maps in layout
- opens a window in layout for real-time editing
- requires a UVMap be made in Modeler first

II. Adaptive Pixel Subdivision (APS)
- distance / detail subdivision setting
- the closer you move the camera, the more detail will appear
- Render deformation only, I don not think you can "freeze" the model
- Level of detail effects alpha channel too

III. Advance Camera Tools (ACT)
- New button next to "Render Options"
- provides several interesting camera lens shaders to include "barrel distortion"
- offers "bullet time" renders and other weird camera tricks

IV. Other "Quick" Demos by Andy Bishop
- Node based shader (This did not appeal to me, however, I was pleased to hear the traditional "layer" shader system will still be available)
- Quote: "Seven times faster render available by 4th Quarter release." He showed a 200K + poly object render with 9 passes of aliasing in about 20 seconds per frame.
- More customizable User Interface
- Open GL Hardware Render. This looked nice. He was able to see complex procedural textures and soft, accurate lighting and shadows in the layout workspace.
- VUE 5 terrain package demo. This looked interesting, particularly if you are still trying to find a usable terrain / environment solution for Lightwave.

V. Christopher Short gave a great overview of the type of 3D work he does for print media. Sounds like he typically has from Wednesday AM to Friday PM to produce front page illustrations for Newsweek and other mags. He made a great case for only Lightwave could help him through such tight deadlines.

SIGGRAPH Newtek Party
Very classy get-together of alot of Newtek users. Newtek was generous to provide drinks and a wide option of finger food to include macaroni & cheese!I had great discussions with a chap from Zoic Studios, Michael Kornet of Newtek, and Christopher Short, print media 3D illustrator.

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gret summay and recommendation!!!! Thanks!!!