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08-05-2005, 01:08 PM
I have made a little space-animation where I have painted a nebula and placed it on a very big sheet. I have painted the center part of the nebula very bright, but that bright part is flickering and looks like a 16-bits color image in the rendered animation, itís not looking smooth.

Iím using one distant-light and I have excluded the nebula-object for that light.
For the texture of nebula I have set Luminoisty to 100%.

Anim properties:
Resolution : 800*600
Pixel Aspect Ratio : 1.0
Antialiasing : High
Video: AVI
Compressor : Cinepack Cinema by Radius

Texture properties:
Resolution : 2048*1024
Format : JPG

The sheet with this texture is 2*1 km big in Layout.

Anyone know why itís flickering? Any properties to get rid of it?
I also painted some small stars, just a white dot, and they are also flickering.

08-05-2005, 05:03 PM
hi ...

I suppose that you did this video for watching on a pc (800/600):

1) it's flickering because you use cinepack codec ( compressed ) ... Maybe too much compression (cinepack is veru destructive) , try to pack in quictime sorenson 3 (only if you want to pack.. ) if not, save your animation in motion JPEGB , you have disk space (use no compression )

2) stars ... big problem for every one (even big studios) :o !!! ... Don't use a white dot (1 pixel )... use a 5 or 6 pixels stars (white spot with gradient) due to the size of your map .

for a res of 800/600 a stars must be min: 3 or 4 pixels to not flick ...

voilŗ !

Mourad K.

08-06-2005, 04:32 PM
Ok, I tried Sorenson 3, it helped.
What is "Motion JPEGB"?
About resolution 800*600, I'm doing this animation first for PC, but later I want it for DVD/TV, suppose I will use D1 (PAL).

Another thing about making space:
I'm thinking about using one big skydome for the whole space instead of some sheets with nebulas, auroras and planets. I'm not sure about how big skydome and it's texture I can make. I have to make the skydome at least 250km with texturesize 2048*1024. But to give a more sharper look I'm thinking about to using the doubled size, Skydome 500 km with texture 4096*2048. But I'm not sure if that will give a more sharper looking. What do you say about that? Is it crazy and unnecessary?