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08-04-2005, 09:39 PM
I have posted this before with other issues, and other issues have been resolved, but the crackling audio at capture still is a problem.

This is the deal:

I am doing simple voiceovers with a Audix mic, no battery. (Switched out xlr cables).

When I record the audio, it sounds great in the speakers, I record it under -6 so as to not overmodulate.

When I play it back it instantly has crackling in it.

Some have suggested it is a heating issue. This has not been an intermittent issue and has begun as soon as soon as I start up the computer from being turned off for a day or two.

The board is reporting temperatures between 98 and 105 degrees for each of the following: Case-98; CPU1-102 and CPU2-105.

I record the voiceovers using the following:

Microsoft- Uncompressed Wav file
48kHz-16 bit-mono

Can anyone help? Has anyone experienced the same thing? Just so you know, I have already done a re-install. I have also gone as far as creating a dual boot system so that VT has nothing else running on its boot drive.

Thank you.

p.s.; The audio is crackled even when you play it independently thorugh Windows Media Player.

Jim Capillo
08-05-2005, 04:19 AM
What version of the VT are you using?

Please list your other computer components.

Can you post a short example of your audio crackles?