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08-03-2005, 09:45 PM
After all the hard work Paul put in the the step by step instructions for creating overlays, I have made 10 overlays for our football broadcast. This includes a sportsbug accross the top that you can update as the game is going on. Plus Opening Splash Screens, Starting Line-Ups that you can add pictures of the players, Half-Time Stats screen and much more. If you are interested in these send me a note either here or at [email protected] We will be starting with Volleyball next and then on to basketball. The student who made these did a nice job and they can be sent right on a jump drive to ya.


Paul Lara
08-04-2005, 12:45 AM
I had a customer at SIGGRAPH today asking about sports (football) overlays.


08-06-2005, 03:07 PM
Ya made me stop and count tiff.

I have made 10 overlays for our football broadcast.
From that, I wondered just how many sports templates I had in my package. Early on when you, and I thought Jared as well, posted here about most sports overlays being for basketball, and your needing to use for other sports, I went on a quest to have more sports template capabilities in my package.

After having finally finished the package, and built a database so that I could actually
count, I found that I have 10 sports templates. There are some generics that I did with sports uses in mind, so indicated in one case with the sample print.

That begs the question as to if we are duplicating efforts. I think not. You have 10 for football. I have 10, say 12 that cover all sports, including football. In those of mine, I have only one that works only for football, as well as one each for basketball, and baseball/softball, the rest can be customized to any sport.

Tarheel Cougar
08-06-2005, 07:57 PM
The sports graphics I am interested in the most are 1. Football, 2. Basketball, 3. Baseball, in that order. Though since we have a 6 camera remote truck for sports coverage the Tricaster is something we plan to use for sports pretty much only as a live web streaming box (in the future), a backup CG, or maybe a switcher if it came down to it. I anticipate future use of the Tricaster at "away" facilities--possibly old crummy high school basketball arenas where 3 cameras would be sufficient and a smaller portable solution would be what the doctor ordered.

With that said, many of the graphics we have been using for the past few years for multiple sports are similar. It takes little modification to change football to basketball or other sport graphics--the score pages are similar, the biggest changes are to the statistics pages. Some sports require special sport-specific graphics, such as baseball showing the score per inning, but most of them are interchangeable. With Tricaster templates it should be very easy to change the text from sport to sport on most graphics as long as the backgrounds are generic.


08-08-2005, 06:46 AM
Thanks again to everyone for interest in our Football overlays. Wow we have gotten some great emails already.

These files would be sent on a USB Jump Drive. We have started working on our Volleyball screens. We will even work on custom overlays for a small per hour fee.

Please also note our new email address [email protected] Please let us know if you have any questions.

Long Live the TriCaster :agree:

08-08-2005, 11:00 AM
The sports graphics I am interested in the most are 1. Football, 2. Basketball, 3. Baseball, in that order. Though since we have a 6 camera remote truck for sports coverage

Yes, Jared. All that sounds so familiar as to our having discussed that on this forum. But I couldn’t find it in a search. What I did find, and realize that I had left hanging is as below.

Is this a package of pre-made templates? How many and what kinds?

Yes, a package of pre-made. Or maybe it is that I wrote an illustrated book, so illustrated that there is a title template to look at, at every sentence. No one will ever accuse my manual of being too cryptic.

It includes most all of the section of TV-101 on print graphics for television, a thorough explanation of what I did and what I was attempting to accomplish with each individual template. It is chock full of tips and tricks for the ones included, plus, which can be used by readers to help them make their own.

“How many?” This was the worse part, when you asked. I had built so many that I had lost count. With some still to do, every attempt to look and count would result in my finding ones that I had not modified that I saw could be made better, or more accommodating to additional uses. (There went another half day, minimum.)

Finally I have finished all the templates, and made a database to count from, and remind me what I did to each. First of all this is a direct replacement so it contains all the release templates, including the ones that I have modified and those I have not. That total comes to 126.

But, 21 of those (mostly Billboards) have not been modified from the release version. (Actually, before they ship, every template will be modified as I change the background from a Targa 32 to a much smaller Ping 32 to save that precious drive space.

With the database I can share a lot of numbers for those who would like to know more. The above might need some explaining. For that kind of detail, folks probably should just email me at [email protected] Be sure and put TriCaster and Templates in the subject line so that it doesn’t get routed.

As for “What Kinds?”, I have to say that every kind in the release package has been worked with. My largest additions have been “Sports”. There is a little detail about that group on this thread with tiff’s Sports Overlays. I guess my next most emphasis, if not for churches, would be for Town Meeting, School Board, City Council type uses.

With my four years of working with churches, I made great effort to make TriCaster templates fit seamlessly in to the traditional support for their programs and services. Yet all of these are such that they could work for so many productions of any type.

Generally my aim was to move the “Proof of Concept”, “Dealer Demo” release group to real usable, adaptable, templates that could go to many uses, without losing the demo capabilities for users, dealers, and NewTek.

You should at least make DVD an option, anyone with another computer can send the files over the network or copy the ones they want to a jump drive they already own then to Tricaster.

Well, I want to stick with it just being a matter of swapping out the Templates and Font Styles folder. I have added two folders to be added to the “Media, Pictures” folder. One of these is pictures and the other, brushes, all to use with the manual tutorials and after. Even with my deleting three duplicates from NewTek, the “Font Styles” are up from 71 to 86. But these script files are very small.

(Monday addition:) It had to be done at some point, so I stopped this reply for the weekend, and finished converting the remaining Targas to Pings. It was all good news. Before, with all the expansion, I couldn't even get the entire template folder on a 512MB flash drive. I now see everything on a 256MB, and possibly all on a 128. What a thrill, not just to be able to deliver on a less expensive medium, but to provide so much expansion to the end user, with so much less precious drive space used.

Nes Gurley