View Full Version : Pausing and abort with image display

08-03-2005, 10:21 AM
beside the Abort and Continue buttons, a "PAUSE" button would be great. The rendering takes 100% of the CPU power, and now and then I need to do something else. So being able to pause it, then resume would save me having to start the whole render again.

Also...when I abort, it would be nice to see the image its rendered so far. A lot of the times I render quite a bit, only to realise I needed to do something, so I abort it. But it would be nice to see what its done to know if I need to make other modifications while Im at it.

Both these should be SOOOOOooooo..... easy to add :)

---- Edit ----

Oh! And non-power of 2 number of threads please!! With dual core's, the CPU usage power can drop to 50-80% a lot of the time due, I assume to disk and system I/O. A 3rd thread would pickup the slack without having to go overboard and having 4 or 8 etc... sometimes being able to add just one more thread, helps use the machine better..

08-03-2005, 10:28 AM
On the PC you can use the task manager to lower the priority of LW while it renders... that should get you back to speed on your foreground app...

Maybe a low priority render option would help...