View Full Version : Need help with being more web portable

08-01-2005, 09:36 AM
Hi there,

I am creating animation for our Flash-based online training for the web, and I need to lower the file size of my lip-synced animations.

I'm creating character animation with Lightwave 8, voice syncing with Mimic plug-in, and rendering/exporting SWFT library files with Swift 3d LW plug-in. Once I bring the SWFT files into the library of Flash, I work with them, add audio, and publish the Flash file to a SWF file which is viewed on the web.

My team wants me to be able to create webable files with my 1 color cartoon filled character. I run into trouble when the character needs to stand and talk for any length of time.

Is there a way to make these lip-synced animation files smaller? Or is there another tool out there that I can use that WON'T make our users download another player?