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04-29-2003, 03:15 AM
My List:

- Baking of every channel with no workaround
- Being able to move keyframes in the timeline
- Unlimited undos in Layout and Modeler
- Spreadsheet with all properties
- Being able to have several scenes open (like in Modeler with objects) and be able to cut&paste between them
- Better SDK to allow for example G2 to use shadow noise reduction
- Better export of psd files
- Construction history in Modeler
- A melt tool to help me with making flat and undistorted objects for planar texturing ( not a must but would save me time )
- There are so many plugins in the plugins and script directory that it always takes some time finding them. I know I could change my Layout, but wouldn't it be easier to only show the commands that can be used?? I think Real4d has this...
- Automatic reload of changed textures
- Renderings with limited region should only render the region and don't show the black part
- Zooming in and out the rendered images isn't great, I'd like to have, show me always in window size (adjust size automatically) changing zoom with plus and minus...
- Being able to use every view as render view
- Being able to change cameras in an animation
- A smile of Leigh in the upper left corner to motivate me

And this is a great idea I just cut&paste from cgtal, it's from lightwolf and it's a realy great idea

I'd like that too, but going a step further.
I'd love to have sub-scenes (just like nested timelines in an editing app). With all the neat implications that would have:
* Move / scale sub-scenes in time
* Only reference sub-scenes for a multi-user workflow (One person does the character animation, while the second does the lighting and the third works on the background, once master scene brings those sub-scenes together).

That's it for the beginning, you can see, nothing serious but would be nice and helpful. I can't tell more for now as I am still an newbie ( for example LW's rendering time could be shorter as compared to Cinema, but I think that's mostly my fault)