View Full Version : Streaming Crashes

07-26-2005, 04:35 AM
Used the Tricaster for 2 straight 10 hour sessions streaming away with one main bug. It appears you CAN NOT turn off the stream with out then having to reboot the whole system. In other words if you want to turn off the stream and move to another part of tricaster you must reboot the system. This is bad obviously. One another annoying feature is if you variate from the streaming template to let's say 15fps your system latency goes crazy i.e looks like slooooow motion on the stream. Other than that Version 1.XX pretty cool

Paul Lara
07-26-2005, 08:45 AM
You indicate in your post that you were using a 15fps profile...until we post the free TriCaster patch, don't. There's a problem with those profiles which you saw on output. I suspect that the inability to stop a stream and jump to another screen was also a result of that bug. I frequently disable a stream, and then after about 5 or 10 seconds, jump to another tab.

07-26-2005, 04:14 PM
It also is true on 30fps . Thanks for the post though