View Full Version : Siggraph (just a post for fun)

07-23-2005, 06:12 PM

I am making just a bit of fun : to give more stress :eek: to all customers :D
... 10 days until the ultimate date (J-10)...

Can we expect an update at the Siggraph or do we have to wait more time for an upgrade version to download ? :help: :D

Yes , because we can imagine that we will only see a preview of LW8.5 at the Siggraph and have the final update in September or maybe in December (Christmass gift)!! :confused:

Will be an upgrade on the Nt FTP during the Siggrpah :thumbsup: or only a preview :thumbsup:
That's a good question !! :help: :eek:

Vote !
my vote to have an update the first day of the Siggraph ! more hands up ?

ps: I am counting the days left ! and a I have a countdown on my desktop !!
And my explorer open, pointing on NT download page !

Cheers !