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07-18-2005, 12:17 PM
I don't use LW daily, just when I need an animation... So it's been awhile and when I tried to boot the program today, I got the message "Unable to locate 'Eve3.framework'". The folder Eve3.framework is in the OS X Dongle folder, so I don't know why the program can't find it or what to do next.

Betsy Winans

07-18-2005, 03:30 PM
if you've upgraded (or re-installed) your OS recently (a major upgrade such as from 10.3 to 10.4) it will delete the files that Lightwave puts outside of the Lightwave folder. Specifically, it puts the eve3 framework in the frameworks folder in the main Library. Either re-install Lightwave from your disc, or try finding the frameworks folder and moving eve3 to there.