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07-14-2005, 02:36 PM
I have a scene with 30 ants that each have 10,000 subd polys. They also have some sasquatch fur on their legs. When I go to render I get an error,
Not enough memory for ray trace arrays. :mad:

When I turn of Ray Trace Shadows I get the error
Not enough memory for center arrays. :mad:

I'm running into this problem on PC with Quad processors 3 ghz, and 1 gig ram. Windows XP Pro. Why is Newtek developing a 64bit renderer when I can't render multiple objects that have a total number of subds less then 100,000. It appears that the current renderer could use some performance improvements.

New Development: The funny thing about this whole problem is the scene appears to render fine on my powermac 2.0 ghz with 2 gig of ram and 10 other running programs. (Safari, mail, preview, hub, lw, modeler, modo, photoshop and calculator) I have 3 quad processor PCs with LW for rendering, but I'm using my powermac, which does have commercial 64bit OS and hardware but doesn't even have a 64 bit version of LW in development. Even worse Developers have had access to intel based macs a month now but still no announcement. I'm loosing faith and running out of time to problem solve odd technical limitations and performance issues with each project.

Any advice on how to overcome such issues involving scenes not rendering because of memory issues or application abilities. Newtek this would be a good area to develop improvements.


07-14-2005, 03:43 PM
Have you looked at your ram? In the mac you have 2 gig. In the PC only 1.

In the PC try upgrading to at least 3 gig. That would give LW access to the full 2 gig limit and leave room for the OS.

07-14-2005, 05:11 PM
In the past, I've rendered "trouble" scenes by lowering the segment memory limit. Normally, I have it set just high enough so that the scene renders in one segment. But, in a scene with a lot of textures, objects, etc., I've lowered it to make it render in 2 or 4 segments. Try giving it 8 megs of segment memory and see if your scene renders.

I've used this when I have a big scene that has to render on my render farm. The render farm machines don't have as much ram as my main machine does, plus the farm machines are dual processors, so they are sharing the same ram in the same machine. I've been able to render big scenes by lowering the segment memory.

07-14-2005, 06:58 PM
Thanks for the quick community support guys. This is really what makes LW so awesome. I was thinking that the segment memory was the problem, but it was at 256 megabytes, I'll do some testing tommorrow. I kinda gave up on my PC cause then I rendered a hi res at 6000 x 2000 on my mac and it worked fine. I've been meaning to upgrade the ram on the PC but it causes us so many problems (screamernet issues over the network, inability to load and render some of our hi res sasquatch scenes, hypervoxels, etc.)
I look forward to catching a glimpse of the future of LW at siggraph. I hope it is much more interactive then 8.3 and has some quicker viewport opengl, bones, weighmaps and more responsive layout and modeler, better outliner and bone tools, scene editor that is more interactive and has all the classic features, plus many more awesome features, but most importantly a stronger base.

Thanks Again Surrealist, Axis3d.
see you in LA!!