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04-28-2003, 12:13 PM
I thought over the option blur length. It be based on cinema thus 1sec/24
pictures and refers to the fact to a movie camera. Not with 24 frames exposes
pictures but only 50%. This is due to a mechanical screen. With TV (beta SP)
gives cameras various sensors with and without mechanical dazzles. The sensors
without are faster to move the field into the memory of the camera, However an
ugly effect with bright ranges are the problem of the faster technique "smear
Effect". They are preferred with fast sport photographs. The camera type (FT)
with mechanical screen carrier with acts abit like a cam need a filed time to
move it into the storage from the ccd. But it is only a field delay. For Pal it
is than 25fields exposure time for a second. With the fast sensors (IT) without
cover, without mechanics, need very less time (less than one microsecond).

So "blur length factor" in LW must be substantially smaller for this IT Sensor
(-around10%?) The FT Sensor has only 25 filed per second exposure time. The
Cinematic Cam has 12frames per second time to exposure. (base for LW 50% )

Does there is a mistake? How I can calculate the factor for this?