View Full Version : join 2 sets of polys

07-13-2005, 07:54 PM
Real beginner here...

I'm just trying a tutorial to build a car. I've created the polys for the fron and back using Extender Plus. Now I have 4 points between them. I select them in order and hit p to make poly.
It joins them but if I try and Subpatch them, it doesn't do that Poly, but does everything else. I've tried selecting the points in a different order with no luck.

ideas ? :help:

07-13-2005, 08:10 PM
Make sure you hit M for merge points as well. Your poly may not be "connected" to the rest of your mesh. It's hard to tell what's happenening without seeing it here.

Make sure evreything is selected before you hit tab to subpatch.

Hope this helps.


07-13-2005, 08:17 PM
thanks, the "m" solved it. Not too sure what it did, but it now seams to be working right

08-03-2005, 02:22 AM
M is a short cut to merge points (weld). It seems a bit weird that your poly wasn't welded to the others seeing as you created it using the create poly tool. Maybe you accidently hit ctrl X and then pasted it back in or something?