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07-13-2005, 08:49 AM
OK, so no one's asked a dumb question for some little while, so it's about time. Here's the situation Ė
Iím making some fancy titles on PhotoShop CS2 on another computer (dedicated network to the VT4 machine if it makes any difference). The titles have incremented numbers, so I have one PSD file and save each change as a TGA, which is then exported to the video drive on the VT. I do believe Iíve done this before with no problem.
So hereís whatís happening Ė
Each Targa, instead of having only one frame, has each change in each file. So the last file has a one frame version of numbers 1 through 10, and it tries to play them when I put it on the time line. Had to go into Aura and cut each one out as a single frame rtv to fix the problem.
It works now, but any idea why that happened?

Pete Draves
07-13-2005, 11:26 AM
VT4 treats targa files, when numbered sequentialy, as frames in a video clip.

when working with files in cs, save them as ".png files. png's when sequentially numbered are treated as individual files.

I usually work in psd files (.9 aspect) with transparent backgrounds.
when saving as png's do not flatten the image.

07-14-2005, 02:41 PM
Thanks Pete,
Guess I never had hit the sequence situation before. I did save out as png's and all is well,
Thanks again.

Pete Draves
07-14-2005, 03:01 PM
I'm glad it is ok now