View Full Version : Uniform controls across panels.

07-12-2005, 06:00 PM
Hi all.

I'd like to ask for more uniform keyboard/mouse controls across panels. For example, at the moment, pressing alt and LMB (left mouse button) drag moves the view around in the graph editor and timeline and 3d view. However, do this in the dope sheet and if you have keys selected, they'll be copied to another time. If you want to do that in the Graph editor, you press ctrl-RMB-drag. Why can't they be uniform for uniform actions?

What I propose is this:

Make alt-mouse buttons reserved for moving/scaling/rotating views, either in the 3d view, timeline, graph editor or whatever.

You can have something like below:

alt-LMB-drag= Orbit view (this would only be useful in the 3d view)
alt-MMB-drag = Pan view

In the Perspective view this would be in the x-z plane, not like other packages where it's in the plane of the view, I find this method awkard. In all other views it would be a straight pan.

alt-RMB-drag = Pan in Y (for 3d view only)

alt-mouse wheel= zoom in and out for all views.

This would free up all the other combinations of ctrl-mouse or shift-mouse or just mouse for other functions.

LMB could be ACTION1 as in 'move keys' or 'scale keys' or 'rotate object' for all panels.
shift-LMB could be 'ACTION1, but copy' eg: copy and move these keys (like we have in the graph editor with ctrl-RMB.

RMB could be an 'ACTION2'
ctrl-LMB/RMB could be menus.

MMB-click could be select.
MMB could be Rectangular select in all panels.
shift-MMB-click could be Add to selection
shift-MMB-drag could be Rectangular Add to selection
Ctrl-MMB-click/drag could be subtract/rectangular subtract from selection.
Having uniform controls like this would mean no more "What combination do I use for THIS panel" problems, and would make LW easier to learn.

I'm hoping some of you will pipe up and suggest other things which are uniform across panels and can be fixed in this fashion, or better combinations of actions and mouse controls. Maybe I've missed something, just point it out and we'll see if we can't organise this better.These are just suggestions to get us started.