View Full Version : Newbie: Duplicate Objects, Different Shaders?

07-03-2005, 02:44 PM

How can I assign different surfaces to copies of a single object in Layout?

For example, I have a "ball" object I've made in Modeler (with a surface named "ball_surface" which is blue in color). I bring it into Layout and clone it. How can I edit the surface characteristics of ONLY one of the copies-- for example, to make it red without making the other copy red also?

Please advise. (I realize this is probably obvious, but I am new here.)



07-03-2005, 07:03 PM
When you clone an object in layout you loose the use of "by object" in the surface editor which alows you to have multiple objects in the scene with the same surface but edit each surface "by object" allowing you to have different attributes on the same surface name on each object rather than "by scene" which will appply the surface changes to every object in the scene with the same surface name.

So, simply copy the object in molder and paste into a new layer, this will make it a unique object. Or you can also paste it into a new object if you like either way. This will allow to either assign new surfaces or treat each object that has the same surface name as unique in the surface editor when you choose "Edit by object".