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04-27-2003, 08:24 PM
Well its been a REAL, REAL, REAL, REAL, did
I say real, long road? To be honest I almost
gave up several times. But thanks to many of you
for continuing to ask about my stuff I kept going.

So after editing for about 2 hours with no crashes
several beta testers giving me the its OK with a
short but known bug list. Its time to GO.

There you can click download a clip
its 4MB in size and uses Windows Media Player 8.

I did that clip today on my laptop and whipped it
out so you can see where things are at and
some of what can be done.

What's in a RevolutionB???
Plugins that allow you to do real time editing in
Premiere 6.0 or 6.5. They come in 2 versions.

Version One
Real time uncompressed editing for use with the
Video Toaster2. The absolutely coolest board around.
Uncompressed video is awesome!!!!!!
The plugins still allow you to use the DVE's from the
Toaster2 but adds SoftFX, and gives you access to whatever
plugs into Premiere. Will you to render those special plugins?
Yes but you will have access to a long list.
Want to use somebodies else's transition package go ahead.
You can do it.
Including being able to render TMPEG's MPEG2's from
Premieres timeline or use Premiere 6.5's MPEG2 encoder.
Remember that Premiere 6.5 does come with DVDIt LE to
get you started making DVD's.

You need 422 batch capture? Get the plugin from
Pipeline Digital. The new record module works with
it and allows you to record with any windows audio
card including the Lynx (sorry guys stereo only).
The list goes just so you know.

Version Two of RevolutionB.
This version is for laptops, DVD creation stations,
or off-line workstation editing.

Edit uncompressed from a LAPTOP.
Get serious. NO WAY unless all you want to do is load
and render. But DV editing is not to bad on my
Check the demo clip out on my website see what
I mean.
I used my laptop to create the clip.
It has 2 new features for those that know all the
1) realtime output via your a VGA cards SVideo port.
So for those with class rooms or other large multi
seat places who want to edit and get preview in
RT you may find this interesting.

2) Frame speed throttling. Allows you to edit at 29.97
playback at 15fps or 7.5 FPS if need me.
This helped my laptop version a LOT.
I wasn't able to playback 2 streams of video.
Now I can play three at times. Check out the time line
image which played back from my laptop.

Requirements: Rather then lie or bend the truth
here is the straight truth.
It varies.
For some average editing, 1.7Ghz PIV.
The most CPU intense thing is MotionFX
or heavy composites with RTX with Alpha channel.
They both use everything ya got. So an accurate
you need this to work is very hard to
determine. On the Laptop which is a 2.2Ghz PIV
with 512MB of Ram, I am able to do
it at 15fps and even then it can be marginal.
The whacky thing is that laptop is well under 2K
NEXT week I will put the buy me button on my website.
Other then that I will be making arrangements with
the Newtek dealers. I hope they can even give you
a demo of the plugins.

199 MSRP from me directly. Better prices at the

I hope you all join the Revolution. The RevolutionB
that is.


04-28-2003, 07:38 AM
How does this figure with Newteks new features in T3 and does Newteks new AVI function for their timelines effectively give us genuine Premiere support as well, or am I misunderstanding something?

04-28-2003, 08:13 AM
Actually you dont get realtime.
I provide realtime editing in Premiere and interaction
with their batch capture as well as standalone support
for DVD Creation and editing. Thats the difference.
Its kinda a like if you like Premiere or need it for a project
you can edit in Premiere -vs- TED.


04-28-2003, 11:10 AM
Congrats Bob on getting this out.
I hope you sell a ton of them!

06-05-2004, 01:14 PM
I'm drumming up this old topic to clarify a couple of things. I've received conflicting reports as to the functionality of the Revolution B plugins. I wondering if anyone using them out there can clarify as to their capabilities without the Toaster board.

1. Will the revolution B plugins work with Premiere 6.0 or do they require 6.5?

2. Will the unplugged revolution B actually add some reliable realtime features such as realtime fades, wipes, and title overlays subject to the capabilities of the system's cpu?

Reason I ask it that I'm setting up a cheap offline edit system with secondary equipment and I'd like to use all the plugins I've collected over the years for Premiere. I know none of my plugins like film FX etc. will render realtime, but currently using just the firewire input and a stock Premiere 6.1 install, everything except single stream unaltered video needs to render prior to playback. Running Premiere Pro for it's real time functions at this point would make all my previously purchased effects plugins useless. Will the revolution B plugins give me some reliable software only real time features that will speed things up a bit?

06-09-2004, 02:19 PM
Anybody at all??

06-09-2004, 09:28 PM
Well, when I beta tested it, it was with Premiere 6.1.

Worked fine.

This was in a VT system, so I don't know exactly what is or isn't supported in the unplugged version.

But all Bob's SoftFX, his custom transitions, which includes dissolves and many 2D organic type wipes, color correction, and even motion and PIPs were all in real-time. Of course, it depends how powerful your system is.

As an added benefit, all VT DVEs were supported in real-time as well! :)

Again, this is based on a VT capable host system.

Worked with RTV, M-JPEG and DV.

06-10-2004, 05:34 AM
Sorry havent been paying much attention to the thread.
Been working my day job and have a few problems
that requires home repair.

Not to disappoint but seeing that I am working very
hard on a new version my ability to support the
old unplugged version is just not possilble.
Sorry, just cant stop what I am doing now to go
back to code for one plugin sale.

Yeah I know that bites, but the reality is I think I sold 2 copies
back then. I thought it was a great idea, edit RTV's without
a Toaster card, but it never ever took off.
BUT FYI the code is that I use to develop my Premiere Pro plugins
is the unplugged code. But I am not sure I will support/release an unplugged version this time. No market/$ was in it.
Premiere Pro will probably be a whole 20 unit sale again
but I dont care 1.5 ROCKS, thats another story.
Status, sometimes I get emails asking for this so let me post
Premiere Pro plugin status.

DV AVI's and RTV's are working from the timeline.
Keyframable Opacity adjustment, softfx, image overlays,
Adobes cross dissolve work.
I am working on adding BobsOneTouch and a
brightness control. Color tint control (same as before)
I still need to complete the ASIO audio driver.
That will have to take place when I can
get a day's time to sit and debug. The kind of
audio issue I am having now isn't wasy to find/fix
so I went back to do other things. I had a long
standing bug which really threw me for quite some time.
But I finally figured it out and fixed it.
YEAH. So I am moving along holding steady.
Thanks to God, and a lot of insentive from this community
pushing me along to finish. (Its not always money that drives you
to work every spare moment)

Anyway, back to work.


06-10-2004, 12:58 PM
Thanks for the responses. I wasn't looking for any new work to be done on the old plugins or even for any support. I was simply considering adding these into one of my systems and I wanted to be sure of what they were supposed to do. I've received at least 3 different explanations about their compatability or specific features that were often in conflict with the description on Toaster Garage. This may have something to do with the low numbers.

Anyway, thanks for trying to explain. Good luck with your latest project.

06-12-2004, 11:18 PM
Bobt keep up the good work, it's well worth the wait. I thought about going back to premiere 6.5 and getting your plug-in for that version, but as I said your work is worth the wait.

09-10-2005, 09:15 AM
Premiere Pro 1.5.1 plugin status...

any news, please ?