View Full Version : improved rendering settings

04-27-2003, 07:37 PM
i have found it frustrating that lw doesn't have a easy way of changing a scene for different render qualities. for example, if you have a complex scene, that has a high poly count, high light sampling and radiosity. it take time to go through all the objects, lights and radiosity setting and change them all to speed up for a test rendering. what i'm thinking of is a panel where you could input several different setting of a scene for different render qualities (low, medium and high). the panel would allow the user to set different submissions of each objects Render subPatch Levels,each lights Linear/Area Light Quality and Radiosity Ray Per Evaluation for low, medium and high. this would make it a lot easier to switch quality setting.

Also the Render Status window need to ajust aspect radio to match the Camera Properties. it is frustrating useing lw for print, where most rendering are vertical and the rendering status doesnt show the the top and bottom of the image during rendering.

lastly more settings under Resolution Multiplier, 75% 150% 300% 600%