View Full Version : real Curves in layout

04-27-2003, 03:38 PM
Please make curves a real part of layout. The current system is to limted. I know this must be a very difficult issue for layout. But it's such a powerfull tool. here are some of the basic. Curves should be able to be created, edited and destryed in layout and shared with modeler it order to edit in there and add vertex wighting. usable as a paths with option to set constant speed. Modeler curve in objects should be able to be influenced by standard layout displacments, and morph.
example #1 could move a boat on the surface of water buy using a curve displaced on the surface of the water.
example #2 have a set of bones/nulls effect a curve and be used to infuence mesh in a simler style as bones, but with curved influence. and many many more
There are other plugins that help with these areas but haveing it biult in properly would be a real treat to see in LW.