View Full Version : More Tabs less drop down

06-27-2005, 09:12 AM
I know the following probably were asked for before, but it doesn' hurt
1-ngon support
2-SubDiv support
3-built in Fprime, I mean Worley's plugins are only for lightwave anyway, just get it over with and give us a total package, you don't even have to change the rendering core which I have noticed everyone asking aboutl
4-built in FULL sasquatch
5-a better particle system, I know its gotten better, but it need more, like being able to fully fill a container, easily!
5-I've seen this around somewhere, but a node based surface editor
6-Howabout some more feedback in this section from NT about what is possible, what could be considered, and what's absolutely not worth it
7-I know this is a toughy, but a more customizable, resizable interface, where you don't need to have layout and modeler but the option to open a window and assign layout to it, or modeler, or the numerics tab, or an extra viewport
8-built in sss,
9-true motion blur
10-Stability and increase the price a little if it helps.