View Full Version : Simple bone adjustment help

06-26-2005, 03:29 PM
I have a simple character that I've rigged in Layout and I've found that I need to adjust the position of the few bones. I'm having trouble. I can't figure out how to adjust the base points of a bone at the start of the chain without distorting the character. All I want to do is move the ends circled in red, down a bit (see attached). Tip Move/Joint Move seems OK within a chain but the base bone won't budge!

Any tips? Thanks.

06-26-2005, 07:45 PM
You can move and rotate the bones anyway you like using the standard Move and Rotate Tool. When your done tweaking, with the bones still selected, run Record Bone Rest Position(r) and the mesh should snap back to it's undeformed state. Then maybe tweak the bones some more, and re-rest! :) It's that simple! Record Bone Rest Position simply reassign the points in the mesh to the bones at their current position. Tweak till your hearts delight, just remember to rerest any bone you altered! Be aware though, to alter the "rest" scale or the length of a bone you need to use the Bone Rest Length Tool or the Set Bone Rest Length function (not the Scale Tool! No resting is needed for these since they alter the rest state directly). Personally I prefer working with these basic tools rather than all the new fancy ones.

It's advicable to turn off Deformations and IK when you do these alterations. But it's not necessary.

EDIT: Wrote some more. :)