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06-24-2005, 01:38 PM
Hey guys.
I am in desperate need of a solution here for a problem with network rendering and hypervoxels.

I have called newtek technical support on this and so far no answer to come back. I have a scene with 6 nulls with HVEmitters attached (one for each) spewing out exhaust from them. The scene renders just wonderfully (although brutally slow - but thats expected) locally on any machine on the network that I open up and render directly in Lightwave. When I try and render the exact same seen out via screamernet, lightnet, smedge etc. I simply get no voxels to come out in the seen at all. NOTHING. I have saved my motion files for the hyper voxels but I am not one hundred percent sure it is not something else in the scene file that is being missed on the render out through the network. Seems kind of goofy though because on any of the other seats we have here each one can open up the project and render a frame with hypervoxels in it.... and pooof! we get voxels!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


06-24-2005, 04:34 PM
If you save out the particle motion to a file, then reload it then the other machines should be able to see it (if you save the file to a network aware location, like the content directory) Just save out the motion file from the File tab on the particle properties.
Lemmie know if that helps


06-24-2005, 05:40 PM
Well I have half of the problem fixed now. At least my network is 100% functional which may have been an issue before with machines dropping in and out of contact with the shared drive location. Also I had to go into my lw3EXT.cfg file or whatever it is and correct a pair of doubled \\ for various plug-ins and savers. It still wants to kick out FLX files no matter what I do but at least I can open those in digital fusion and not blow my brains out and get some of these scenes to cook.
Still having issues with strange PFX behavior but I am working on that as well.

Has anyone out there seen problems with a PFX scene creating "flashing" hypervoxels over top of a single particle with the surface (like looking at it in viper almost) then the actual real dynamic show in the next frame in a random fashion??

Thats my issue now.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

Meow in advance.

06-25-2005, 03:17 PM
If you're getting FLX files, you're problem may be bigger than you think. Usually if it's doing that it means that the nodes cannot find the plug-ins (as every format but FLX is a seperate plug-in) I had a devil of a time getting that to work and finially just started using Amletto, now I don't bother. NT should make screamernet more userfriendly. Check your plug-in folder but that sounds like the problem


06-25-2005, 10:30 PM
What kind of network are you running? One major problem I've run into with some smaller studios is that they try and run the renderfarm from a windows workstation - Which only has a max of 10 connections.

This causes no end of headaches when some nodes can't connect to the machine to obtain files... The effect can be anything from dropped plugins to flickering surfaces that can't load their image maps...

Make sure you are running a server with access for all your machines... That's the first thing to test (Linux with SAMBA is a great way to get a very cheap file server for a windows network)

As for PFX, yes, I've had some oddities with PFX that seem to stall for a frame or two when moving... If your PFX are being controlled through gradients for size, dissolve, etc then this can cause odd flickering effects too...

I had this issue with some particle trails I was using where some of the particle would appear to pause for a frame. The Velocity 'stretch' would flatten out, making them round, then suddenly they'd move again.... Strange stuff, and a little annoying to say the least... :eek: